About us

We are a Drone Filming Service based in Chile.

Our company was founded to meet the new Regulations of the Chilean Aviation Authority to fly a drone in Chile. We work with Netflix, BBC, HBO Max, Apple and CNN among others.

Aerial filming

Our aerial cinematographers deliver outstanding images.

Meeting the highest safety standards and technical quality, our Pilots have worked for the most prestigious productions. From high altitude shoots to Wildlife Behavior, with the legendary Inspire 2 + X7 to the new Mavic 3 CINE and more…

Certifications & Registrations

We provide a service to register your Drone and/or Pilot to be able to fly commercially in Chile.

All Pilots that fly a Drone commercially in Chile, must have a Chilean Drone Pilot License.


To commercially fly a Drone in Chile it is mandatory to comply with the local regulations.

The Chilean Aviation Authority (DGAC) demands that all Pilots and Drones that fly commercially (like filming), are registered under an AOC Certified Company. An AOC Company is a company that can legally operate Flight Operations. From transporting people to flying drones.

Drone Rental

We have a wide array of drones available.

Our most popular drones are the New Mavic 3 CINE and the legendary Inspire 2 X7 drones. Contact us to ask about more drones including FPV and more.

DJI Inspire 2 pack

Make no compromise in quality. Whether it is a Feature Film, a Documentary or a Commercial, only the Inspire 2 with the X7 can properly match an Alexa or a RED.

DJI Mavic 3 CINE

Best of both worlds, great image quality in Prores with a long duration flight, the Mavic 3 CINE simply delivers.


Affordable solution with great quality. The Mavic 2 is a great option when the budget is tight but the aerial shot is a must.

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