Certifications & Registrations

We provide a service to register your Drone and/or Pilot to be able to fly commercially in Chile.

All Pilots that fly a Drone commercially in Chile, must have a Chilean Drone Pilot License.

Pilot Certification

We prepare Foreign Pilots to take the Exam in Chile. This is an Alternative Answer Exam, relatively easy, but only available in Spanish. The Pilot must pass the exam at least 10 business days before the shoot. There is not an option to take the exam remotely.

*As an alternative, one of our Pilots can go to the shoot.

Drone Registration

All Drones must be registered in Chile to be able to fly commercially. To register a Drone, the Drone must be taken physically to the Local Aviation Authority for inspection to be issued a license plate. Once the Drone is registered, a mandatory Local Liability Insurance must be paid (it is renewed annually) for the Drone to be able to fly. This process must take place at least 15 business days before the shoot. No international Insurance or registration is valid.

* As an alternative, we offer a complete fleet of different drones for rental.