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We understand that each production is very different and have different needs.

No, however, there are many requirements to make this happen. Drone Film Chile takes care of all the bureaucracy so you can focus on your shoot.

Sadly, new Drone Regulations in Chile by the DGAC (Chilean Aviation Authority) demand a series of requirements (detailed in the following questions), that makes it virtually impossible for an independent person to get a Drone flight permit to fly commercially (like filming for a documentary).

New regulations by the Chilean Aviation Authority, demands that every commercial drone operation (like filming), works under a Chilean “AOC” Certified company with a Pilot that is registered under that company and holder of a Chilean Drone License. The Drone/UAV must also be registered by the same Company.

An AOC is a company that can legally execute Flight Operations. From transporting people to flying drones.

The DGAC or “Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil” is the Chilean Aviation Authority in charge of keeping the airspace safe. 

This institution issue the permits to fly drones.

No, but we provided the service to help certify a foreign Pilot. However, the test must be taken in Chile at least 10 business days before the flight. We also provide our own very skilled pilots.

Yes, but only after registering the Drone with a Certified AOC Company. We also provide this service. The drone must be registered physically in Chile at least 20 days before its use and have Chilean insurance (even if it has an international insurance). For convenience, we have virtually every drone available ready to fly and available for rent.

Yes, this should be done at least 10 business days before the flight. The test is taken in Spanish on a computer at the DGAC (Chilean Aviation Authority) facilities in Santiago de Chile. We also provide our own pilots.

Yes. All registered Chilean drones include a mandatory Chilean Liability Insurance. However, this insurance covers up to roughly USD$200.000 in liability. For higher amounts, our clients usually add their own insurances. The chilean insurance does not cover drone damage.

No. This is why our clients trust us, as we build a long lasting relationship to offer them the same great service over and over again.
Yes, as long as all the regulations are followed. If the drone is damaged or lost, the client must cover the replacement cost.
Normally up to 400 ft or 130mts. However, in unpopulated areas we can request a special 1600ft or 500mts limit.
Up to Visual line of Sight or two Kilometers in special conditions.
Yes, but the restrictions are much higher.
Everywhere except in Prohibited or Restricted areas like airports or military bases. For special needs there is a case by case option to get more flexibility.
Adverse weather conditions call for a case to case evaluation. Safety will be the first priority always.

Our service is specifically designed for Drone Regulations in Chile. However, our Pilots have flown in several countries and can offer that service. Contact us to send you their way.

Contact us to get a quote. We can adapt to the different needs of each production.
No. All AOC Companies are bound to the Chilean regulations. However, our experience with top brands like Netflix and BBC have led us to provide a comprehensive and complete service that meet the highest safety and quality standards.
Yes. Liability Insurance is Mandatory in Chile to fly drones commercially.

Up to US$200.000, dictated by the local laws.

No. There is no Insurance in Chile that can cover that. Our Clients usually add the Drone operation to their production insurance when needed.
If the drone is the property of the Production Company, their own insurance must cover the drone. Chilean Insurances do not cover the Drone itself. There is none that does it.
The production is responsible for the damage of the drone.

Our Pilots are well trained and very professional, rarely having an accident that causes the loss of the Drone. However, accidents happen. The production is only responsible for drone damage if they want a high risk shoot like filming from a boat or under adverse weather conditions.

We offer a second Inspire 2 or spare Mavic 2 drones. In case of an accident, we will send the second one for free (minus shipping cost). But the production still needs to cover the damage or loss of the original drone in the mentioned cases. The production can also take both drones with them at a convenient rate.

No, all test must be taken at the DGAC facilities in Chile.
No, all test must be taken at the DGAC facilities in Chile.
For the Insurance to be Valid, these main rules must be followed:

  • The Pilot with a valid Chilean Pilot DGAC ID must be present during the flight.
  • The Drone that Flies, must be the one that appears on the permit issued by the DGAC authority.

Some AOC companies might offer to get the permit with their drone so you can use yours without chilean registration. This is illegal. It will automatically make the insurance invalid.

Same might happen with the Pilot. An AOC might offer their Pilot to get the permit but not show up on the shoot. This is also illegal and makes the insurance invalid.

We are keen on keeping the best practices and will never sacrifice on safety and regulations.

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