To commercially fly a Drone in Chile it is mandatory to comply with the local regulations.

The Chilean Aviation Authority (DGAC) demands that all Pilots and Drones that fly commercially (like filming), are registered under an AOC Certified Company. An AOC Company is a company that can legally operate Flight Operations. From transporting people to flying drones.

To get a drone flight permit, each scheduled flight must include the following:

  • AOC Company

  • Licensed Drone Pilot (with a Chilean License)
  • Registered Drone (under the DGAC with an AOC Company)
  • Permit to fly in the place (if needed, for example, a National Park)
  • Have the AOC Company ask for the permit at least 10 days prior to the flight
  • All of the above must be represented or addressed to and by the same AOC Company

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Regulations that must be followed.